LINE mobile: Affordable and Data-Free Phone Plans

Looking for a mobile deal that will give you data at the same time affordable?

As a foreigner who has been researching about cheaper options for SIM cards, I think I have found one that is nice to your bank account and allows you to be on SNS 24/7!

The solution is LINE Mobile!

Keep on scrolling down to know all about LINE mobile! AND I’ll take you through the application process so everything will be fine.

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LINE mobile (quick background)

Line mobile's logo
It sounds familiar, right? Well, it should, as it is part of the LINE Corporation which produced LINE app, one of the most popular apps in Japan. It is an instant communication app that allows you to stay connected with friends and family through calls, videos, and messages.

LINE mobile was launched in 2016 as an MVNOs service. You must be wondering what is MVNOS? It is when the SIM card uses one of the major mobile phone company’s network, thus making their plan a lot cheaper. LINE mobile currently uses Softbank and docomo’s network, allowing the customer to choose.

Why LINE mobile??

Line mobile's website
So what is so special about LINE mobile? What makes it stand out from other mobile companies?

  1. Data-free For SNS > When using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LINE the data is not counted/deducted from your monthly data. So you can be on those APP all day long and you don’t have to worry about draining your data
  2. Payment Methods > there are 3 options for payment: Credit card, LINE Pay or LINE Pay card
  3. LINE points > You get 1% of your monthly bill in points, which you can then buy stickers, themes and more
  4. LINE ID and age verification > if you are big LINE users, adding new friends with ID is very convenient, in order to do that you need Age Verification function which other cheap mobile options don’t have
  5. Amazing campaign deals > constantly making very affordable mobile option!

So what are the choices~

I’m sure many of you are very excited to know plans LINE mobile offers and can’t wait to get started.

There are 3 plans: LINE free, Communication Free, and MUSIC + Plan and a lot of add-on options to customize your mobile plan.

Scroll down to know all about the different plans and figure out which plan you want!

LINE free (simplest mobile plan)

LINE free plan means you can use the LINE app for messaging, calling, video/image sharing all for free. It is a perfect starter mobile plan for children and people who don’t really use SNS. The data available is 1GB and there are 3 options.

Data Price
1GB only (no SMS or phone calls) 500 Yen
1GB + SMS (no phone calls) 620 Yen
1GB + SMS + phone calls 1,200 Yen

This is a great mobile plan if you just need a phone to get around and it is very affordable.

Communication Free (for SNS users)

LINE mobile’s Communication Free plan is the most popular mobile plan. You can use LINE, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram data-free (some functions data are counted). This plan offers 3GB, 5GB, 7GB, and 10GB. Each has two options; data + SMS or all (data + SMS + phone calls).

Data Amount Data + SMS Plan All
3GB 1,100 Yen 1,690 Yen
5GB 1,640 Yen 2,220 Yen
7GB 2,300 Yen 2,880 Yen
10GB 2,640 Yen 3,220 Yen

You can change the data plan anytime. Most people chooses this LINE mobile plan.

MUSIC + Plan (if you uses LINE MUSIC)

If you are LINE MUSIC user, this might be the best mobile plan. This mobile plan includes communication free plan PLUS free LINE MUSIC using.

Data Amount Data + SMS Plan All
3GB 1,810 Yen 2,390 Yen
5GB 2,140 Yen 2,720 Yen
7GB 2,700 Yen 3,280 Yen
10GB 2,940 Yen 3,520 Yen


Here is a list of other fees you might have for LINE mobile:

Other fees: Price
Initial Application fee 3,000 Yen
SIM card fee 400 Yen
Cancelation fee 9,800 Yen *
Re-issue SIM card fee 3,000 Yen
MNP changing fee 3,000 Yen
Phone calls 20 Yen every 30 seconds
Data Charging 0.5GB: 500 Yen, 1GB: 1,000 Yen, 3GB: 3,000 Yen (docomo only)

LINE mobile also offers other add-on options for your mobile plan.

Add-on Options: Price
10 min. unlimited phone calls plan: 880 Yen
Phone Warranty 450 Yen or 500 Yen
Public Wi-Fi Spots 200 Yen (first 2 months free)/td>
Virus Protection 420 Yen (first 2 months free)**
LINE MUSIC 500 Yen or 750 Yen
Child-Safety Filter Free
Group Call 200 Yen

LINE mobile offers a lot more services, but the price differs by the mobile carrier network you pick.

*Cancelation fee applies from the 2nd month and 12 months afterward, then you can cancel without any penalty. ex: Start using January 2018, free cancelation start Feb. 2019
** The virus protection can be used beyond your mobile phone, other devices are also applicable.

Heads up!

Before we go into the process of application, there are a few things you might want to know beforehand.

Required Documents For Application

You need an ID (Residence Card, Insurance Card or My Number card). If you use the Residence Card or Insurance Card, you need supplementary documents (Certificate of Residency or paid electricity/water/gas bill) that have the same name, address and issued within 2 months. The Certificate of Residency cannot include your My Number on it, and the bills must show that they are paid (stamped). These documents are required for LINE mobile application.

Changing Carrier

If you are considering changing mobile carriers and keeping your original phone number, you need to obtain MNP number. You can get it from your current phone carrier. You can either call them or go onto their website and register for MNP number. There is a time limitation, and it is usually 15 days, you can only apply for LINE mobile within the first 5 days. So be careful! Don’t worry if you pass the MNP time period, all you have to do is re-apply.

Your device

If you are keeping your current phone, make sure it is SIM free. Meaning if you bought your phone through docomo, au or Softbank there are chances that the phone and SIM card is locked if so, all you have to do is go to your carrier and ask them to unlock it. If you are not sure, LINE mobile provided a list where you can look up your device and see if you need to unlock it or not.

Entry Package

LINE mobile provides an Entry Package, this entry package allows you to save some money. With the LINE mobile’s Entry Package, you don’t have to pay for the initial application fee (3,000 Yen). You can buy this on Amazon, Yodobashi, Biccamera, EDION, カメラのキタムラ (Camera no Kitamura), Joshin, Nojima (some stores might not sell them). The price is around 400 Yen.

There are risks to using entry package; you can only apply through the LINE mobile website, you can only apply to SMS included package, you might not be able to use the current campaign deals, your application might not work, and there is a time limitation on the entry package.

Unlimited free data

LINE mobile is open about the fact there are some fine prints of the SNS apps (LINE, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) unlimited free data usage. Most of the essential functions of these apps are data-free:


  • LINE > Phone calls + Messaging + Video/Image Sending + Timeline
  • Twitter > Timeline + Tweet + Tweet w/image + DM
  • Facebook > Timeline + Post w/image + Comment + Notification
  • Instagram > Timeline + Post + Activity + DM + Story Posting

On LINE mobile’s official website there is a list with pictures of what are considered data-free or not.
Ok, let’s get started with the LINE mobile application!!

Step by Step Application process

Like I said, in the beginning, I am going to take you through the application process.

There are a lot of steps, so you could either follow this one by one or just come back whenever you have trouble.

Applying + Picking your LINE mobile deal

On the top right-hand corner of LINE mobile’s website, there should be a green button with a writing pen logo. That is the application button. CLICK IT!

It will take you to a page telling you things you need before applying: ID, credit card, email address, and MNP if you are transferring from other carriers. There are 6 main steps and it will show you the current campaigns that you can take advantage of, all you have to do is click in and get the codes.
Top of first page of application

At the bottom are the terms of the agreement and some reminders about data-free. If you are ok with it, then just click the green button at the very bottom.
*If you are under the age of 18, you can’t self-apply. Under 20 you need parental approval.
Line mobile's Terms and agrrement

It is asking you which way would you like to apply: the regular way or the entry package.
Second page of application

If you have the LINE mobile Entry package, enter the code and then you can try to enter the campaign code too. Maybe it will work.
If you have Line entry package

If not, just click the regular one and then enter the campaign code. Or not, your choice and click the green button on the bottom right to continue on the next step.Regular application

Now you are choosing with carriers’ network, Softbank or docomo. Their price is the same, the main difference is the different add-on options and your devices, if you were previously using docomo or Softbank and bought your device there, it might be easier to continue using the same network. Pick the one you like more and then continue!
Choose mobile carrier's network

Pick the plan you want, LINE free, Communication free or MUSIC + Plan. Pick the one you like and more options will pop up. Like the amount of data you want and if you want data only or with phone calls. Then the option of 10 minutes unlimited phone calls will pop up (880 yen monthly).
Choosing mobile planeDo you want a new number or are you transferring?
New contract or transferring contractIf you are transferring you, you need to enter your MNP codes twice, the expiration date of MNP and your phone number.
MNP codes input pageAre you buying a device + SIM card or SIM card only?
If you are buying a phone pick your favorite, if not just tell them whether your phone is iPhone or Android. This process is for the SIM card.
SIM card selectingIf you choose iPhone, they will remind you whether or not your device will be usable with LINE mobile’s SIM card.
Another SIM card selecting section

Then it is choosing options that you would like to add on.
Options for your phone planThe first one is phone warranty, it can only be applied during the application period. 450 Yen is if you bought your phone through LINE mobile, your own device is 500 Yen.

After you have selected everything you wanted, and please feel free to scroll up to see if you missed anything on the LINE mobile’s website and this website too. Take your time.
If you are ready, just click the green button next and there will be some ad for their option pop up, just ignore them.

Enter Your Personal Information

For your name enter it in English first, same as your ID. For those of you that have a middle name, add it in with your first name without space.
Then enter your name in Katakana.
Zip code
Personal information input part 1
Address 1 (City, Area)
Address 2 (Blocks)
Address 3 (Building name and number)
Phone number (if you don’t have one you can put your school number or dorm number or a friend’s, LINE mobile won’t call you)
Email (please don’t use Softbank, docomo or au email as they will no longer work afterward)
Do you want to receive notifications email? Yes or no?
Personal information input part 2Is applicant the same as the user or different?
How would you like to receive your contract? Web or Mail (hard copy)?

Applicant ConfirmationA checklist of showing you agree with the contract, privacy policy, important information, data-free conditions, and phone warranty policy (if you chose it). On the right side of each checklist is a pdf file of detailed information, unfortunately, it is all in Japanese.

Terms and agreement checklistOnce you have filled in everything and ready, just click the green button and it will send you an email.

Go to your email and click on the first link and confirm identity and email. The link will take you to step 3 of LINE mobile application, which is ID confirmation. Confirmation emailYou select the ID you want to submit and upload the required documents’ photos. Make sure there is no reflection and you can read everything clearly. Same thing as the supplementary required documents.
ID submission part 1ID submission part 2
Supplementary document submission

Payment method

There are three options: credit card, LINE Pay or LINE Pay Card.
Pick the one you want and fill in the information.
LINE Pay must have already submitted credit card information.

Payment methodsLINE mobile ID

Then you need to create a LINE mobile account.
Login ID and password. Don’t forget it!
If the ID submission didn’t work LINE mobile will ask you to upload again through this account.

Creating Line mobile accountFinal step! Check again!

This is a last time to fix any mistake you’ve made from the beginning. Make sure all information are correct.

Final time to check your information
Once you are ready just click the green button at the bottom to submit your LINE mobile application.


The last page will look like this and tell you that you have finished your LINE mobile application! Congrats!!

You have completed your LINE mobile application!
In addition, an email will be sent about your application and once your SIM card is sent you will receive another email notifying you.

When you receive your SIM card, it would come with your order record, a manual, and the SIM card.

Once you install your SIM card, you need to set up your APN. There are instruction on the LINE mobile website, and if you can understand a little bit of Japanese there’s a manga version too!

If you are a heavy LINE user and you want to get LINE point, remember to add LINE mobile’s official account in your LINE.

Set up your LINE mobile point system

Once you have added the LINE mobile official account in your LINE, you just need to click the top middle button. You’ll need to login into your LINE mobile account, and you are done! Every month you will receive 1% of LINE points from your LINE mobile.
Line mobile point system setup

Age Verification

If you want your age verified and use LINE ID friend search, you can easily connect it to your LINE mobile account. Just go to setting, age verification, LINE mobile user, and accept and you are done!
LINE app Age vertification instructions


Happily using your phone
You have just finished your LINE mobile application🎉🎉. Now you just have to wait for your SIM card and set up your phone!
My suggestion for you is to read this article a few times and get all your material ready and then beginning the application. Some process might take a few days to get like your Certificate of Residency or MNP or the Entry package. BOOKMARK this website!

Now you know all about LINE mobile and the application process, you can recommend it to your friends and get some discounts for your friends.

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