Cafes in Shibuya: Buy Me Stand!

I love going to various cafes around Tokyo. One of my favorite spots is Shibuya. There are always new cafes in Shibuya opening up. I always find 5 to 6 new cafes in Shibuya every year! Some of the cafes are okay, while others leave a great impression! These are the cafes that I sit down about and eventually write about them.

Today I want to introduce you to a nice little cafe in Shibuya called Buy me Stand. This cafe in Shibuya has been recently increasing in popularity and we went and see why it was gaining a big following.

Let’s See What Buy Me Stand Has to offer.

What makes BUY ME STAND different from other cafes in Shibuya is the fact that it’s being managed by a popular fashion orientated shop with their own restaurant, clothing line, etc. Buy Me Stand is one of their cafe shops that Son of the Cheese manages. This is Buy me stand is so unique and fashionable compared to other cafes in Shibuya.



As you can see, BUY ME STAND’s main theme is that of a 50s American style cafe shop. It really captures a 50s design both in the interior, walls, and even from outside the building. Because of the design choice, it really stands out more than other cafes in Shibuya.



BUY ME STAND is also a great place to just walk around and take pictures that are sure to get swarm of likes on Instagram and other SNS sites!

Of course BUY ME STAND isn’t just a photo genetic cafe in Shibuya, but it’s also has delicious sandwiches that are just as photo-genetic too!

Let’s look at Buy Me Stand’s Popular Sandwiches and coffee!

There were many options, all of which seemed delicious, so I just asked the main cook their most popular sandwich. The chef quickly replied with, “oh, then you gatta try our apple cheeks sandwich!” I never heard of an “apple cheeks sandwich” and looked at the menu to see what was in it.



After reading the description, I ordered it and waited for the chef. Compared to other cafes in Shibuya, their menu was diverse and full of unique breakfast, lunch and dinner items.

What’s the best time to go?


Like many other cafes in Shibuya, BUY ME STAND can get crowded at times. Sometimes it can get so crowded that you’ll be left waiting until a seat opens up. This is the case with all cafes in Shibuya, but it’s not always like this.
The best time that the staff told me is during their lunch time slot. It seems that cafes in Shibuya tend to be the least crowded during lunch. For BUY ME STAND, 11:00 am to 3:00pm is when finding a table is relatively easy.

Showcasing BUY ME STAND!

When going to a unique, fashionable cafe in Shibuya, like BUY ME STAND, it kind of hard to avoid taking a few pictures to post in your timeline or feed.


I took these pictures with my phone and I was still surprised how nicely they turned out!


With delicious sandwich options on top of a diverse menu option and stylish design choices, it’s one of the easiest recommendations if you want to go to a cafe in Shibuya!


Address: 1-31-19, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
東京都渋谷区東1-31-19 マンション並木橋302
No WiFi
Access: From Shibuya station’s New South Exit (新南口) (5 min walk)

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