Great Tea and Desserts at The Japanese Cafe Ujien

Today we will be introducing you to a Japanese cafe called “Ujien”「宇治園」. It’s a small café located on the busy streets of Urasando Garden 「裏参道ガーデン」.

Urasando Garden is known for a number of various Japanese cafes, restaurants, bars, etc. Ujien focuses on Japanese tea and Japanese theme sweets and desserts.

Urasando Garden is a small section of the busy, business street in Omotesando. The number of Traditional Japanese cafes are on the low end in these busy streets, so I was glad that Ujien was there to serve delicious Japanese sweets while still being a stylish Japanese cafe like the other western themed cafes around town.

Visiting Ujien at Urasando Garden!

Urando Garden is about a 7 minute walk from Omotesando station. I actually got a little lost because Ujien is located in the backstreets of Urando Garden. Though, I like taking adventures into new areas, so I had fun while looking for this particular Japanese cafe (took me about 5 minutes to find it).

For a traditional Japanese cafe, Ujien has a very unique look. It’s surely one of the easier cafes to notice once you are on the right street. From inside and out it gives you that traditional Japanese cafe vibe <3

From the moment you walk in, you get the feeling that you are truly in a Japanese cafe. As you walk in, you are greeted with the delightful smell of Japanese tea with a front desk filled with a variety of Japanese tea bags for sale.

In Tokyo, traditional Japanese cafes are not all over the place like other big name cafes in the market. Once I got seated and was looking at the menu I honestly wished there were more Japanese cafes like Ujien around.

Trying Out Japanese Desserts and Green Tea!

While It took me a second, but after looking at all the menu items, I ended up ordering Japanese green tea and Japanese flavored Parfait!

Like any other traditional Japanese cafe, green tea came first. I actually ordered a “green tea based Ole” (Price: ¥650).

Ujien is a Japanese cafe with a sweet twist. A good example is their green tea Ole which is served with a mini whisk, small cookie, and sugar to add to it. Some may say that it looks like green tea latte, but it’s a bit different both in taste and texture. It was delightful and I would 100% order it again!

Noted above is their brown tea, which is similar to green tea, but it is a little bit more bitter. The smell is a little on the strong side, but the taste was delightful with a creamy and milky after taste. I would say that if you want a more traditional Japanese cafe experience I would go with the green tea variant, but I personally loved the taste of their brown tea ole!

Next is their Japanese cafes special themed parfait.

I usually don’t get sweets when I go to a Japanese cafe, but I ended getting the two most popular parfait on the menu. Just by looking around, more than half of the young girls in the cafe had ordered one of these two parfait.

They don’t just look great, but they taste great too! With Green tea and Brown tea flavored ice cream, cookies, sponge cake, etc, It’s a hefty parfait that’s just waiting to be eaten and enjoyed! If you haven’t been to other Japanese cafes with parfait, you now know where to go to get these delicious treats.

I’ve been to quite a few Japanese cafes, but Ujien was the first time that was crowded when I walked in (1:00pm) and when I left (2:30pm). I got curious and asked one of the staff members on what were the busiest times for them. They told me that during the weekdays it’s busy from 1:00pm to closing. During the weekends it’s busy throughout the day. I will say that this Japanese cafe and it’s tea and sweets are worth waiting in line for though! If you want to go when it’s not crowded, anytime before 1:00pm is ideal.

Taking Great Photos at Ujien

If you’re big on taking great food shots, then Ujien is the spot for you! I uploaded a few of these photos and got instant likes and comments from all around the world! Oh and did I mention that you can connect to free WiFi while you’re there too?

There’s really a lot to work with since Ujien provides you with not just a drink, but a full set to drink your Tea.

Unlike a lot of other Japanese cafes, Ujien serves Parfaits with a bundle of spoons, cookies, and all the goodness to take a photo that’ll make all your friends hungry. I loved the placement of the leaf-shaped cookies too!

Urasando Garden’s Ujien Final Thoughts and Cafe Info

I am sure you can tell by the way we covered Ujien, we absolutely loved it! You really get the feeling that you are in a high-end traditional Japanese cafe! We highly suggest you go and see for yourself.

Name: Ujien Urasando garden(宇治園 裏参道ガーデン)
Address:4-15-2, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Closed: Mondays(Except Holidays)
OPEN: (Weekday)12:00pm-7:00pm
Internet: FREE Wi-Fi Available*
Access: Omotesando Station: Exit A2 (7 min walk)
Instagram: @ujien_official

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