Shopping in Harajuku Tokyo:CONESHOT Anywhere Door

When going shopping in Harajuku, Tokyo, if you, like me, and want to get a treat while shopping but don’t know where to go, don’t worry. Anywhere Door just came to Harajuku Tokyo to serve their great tasting cone shots!



But first, what’s a Cone shot? Where can you go shopping in Harajuku, Tokyo to get one?

What’s a “Cone Shot” ?

Before Anywhere Door came to Tokyo, it first opened up shop in Los Angeles. Their unique “cone shot” sweet treats/drinks really blew up on the social networking scene. But what exactly are these “cone shots”? Before you go shopping in Harajuku, Tokyo for these treats, it’s always good to know what they are.
Cone shots are waffle cones that are cup shaped. In these cups they put coffee, latte, espresso,“fruibet-strawberry” and other sweet drinks. On the rounded edges of the cones, they add chocolate, white chocolate, strawberry, and other flavored coatings to the edge of the cone.
Before Anywhere Door was available to people shopping in Harajuku,Tokyo for sweets, No one in Japan knew the brand or their delicious cone shots. But after it opened up in Harajuku, it was a huge success!

Shopping in Harajuku Tokyo’s Anywhere Door is fun and easy due to their colorful display and overall great design choices. Right as you enter, you are welcomed with an array of colorful cone shots!

The great thing about shopping in Harajuku’s Anywhere Door is the cone shots are served with a fashionable “touch”. If you love taking food photos, you can’t go wrong with any cone shot you buy, as they all come out great and will guarantee a high number of likes and comments from your friends on your feed!

While Shopping in Harajuku Tokyo, you’ll notice there are a lot of people that come to just take photos, but this is the first time that I saw a shop full of people taking out their phones and taking multiple shots (men and women alike!). It just shows how “photo-genetic” these cone shots really are to people shopping in Harajuku!

The way they are organized, displayed, and served is nice, but what about the taste? Let’s find out!

Anywhere Door’s cone Shot goodness!

Shopping in Harajuku Tokyo’s Anywhere Door can be difficult due to its wide selection of cone shots. I ended up getting 3 different kinds of cone shots.

1.Marshmellow X Chocolate cream
2.Rasberry X Chocolate cream
3.Cocoa-Marshmallow base

I highly recommend when you go shopping in Harajuku Tokyo’s Anywhere Door, you try these 3 fantastic flavors out!
First on the list is Marshmallow X Chocolate cream shot! For limited time, this cone shot has chocolate coated on the top of the cone topped off with roasted marshmallow. Recommended drink is chocolate milk. The chocolate milk inside this deliciously topped of marshmallow. The chocolate combo is choco-heaven!

Next recommended treat while shopping in Harajuku’s Anywhere Door is the Raspberry X Choco-cream cone shot! With Anywhere Doors special “Fruibet-strawberry” a strawberry based frappe-like drink. This beautifully made drink looked so good that I felt bad drinking it!

Last on our list is the Choco based Marshmallow cone shot. A simple, yet delicious combination of sweet chocolate and espresso goodness! Now you may be asking, “When shopping in Harajuku’s Anywhere Door, how do you order?” Keep reading to find out!

Shopping in Harajuku’s Anywhere Door

When I went shopping in Harajuku’s Anywhere Door, I asked the staff to choose the best cone shot available. Of course you are free to choose your personal favorite flavors, but sometimes it’s fun to try new flavorful treats! Especially if this is your first time shopping in Harajuku, Tokyo. Traveling and trying new things is what makes it a great adventure!

Taking great shots in Anywhere door!

I’ve been shopping in Harajuku for a long time (I’ve lived in Tokyo for 5 years now) and I have to say that shopping in Harajuku’s Anywhere Door gave me plenty of great photo moments that I couldn’t help but share them on Facebook, Instagram, and in Cheeekme!

Right from the start I was enticed to pull out my phone and take a quick shot of the cone shots that were being displayed.

I think I took over 30 or more shots in total while shopping in Harajuku’s Anywhere Door!

Visit Anywhere Door in Harajuku Tokyo!

As you already might have figured out by now, I loved Anywhere Door for their beautiful shop, great service, delicious cone shots, and easy access!
Name: Anywhere Door
Access: 8 minute walk from Harajuku station.
東京都渋谷区神宮前3-27-15 FLAG1A
Instagram:@anywheredoor_jp /

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